Inviting Commercial Office And Break Room Design

The client was moving into the office in 2 months and needed a designer and office furniture.

Due to time and budget there wasn’t much wiggle room for creativity. We designed a curved glass wall to carve out the conference room and finished with custom art pieces throughout, as well as accessories. Since the 15’ X 10’ break room had no windows, we removed two walls to open the space up to the adjacent hallways which let in natural light. Given the challenge that the plumbing mechanicals had to remain in the same location and the design had to include the drinking fountains. We created an island and built a post that harbored a purifier, water cooler and both drinking fountains, one for normal height and one ADA compliant. The walk up café features a sculptured apparatus with lighting and an island bar that could be used for lunches, gathering and parties with food. We added two Miele coffee makers, Miele dishwasher, Viking refrigerator, and microwave. The client became the hero for allowing us to put in a state of the art appliances in the employees café.

We may work in a tough industry but there are very few industries that will allow you the opportunity to create and influence people’s lives by what you have done. This commercial office and break room design spices up a drab uninteresting office into a functional and inviting work space.  Having a colorful well designed work place is bound to inspire more productivity form the staff, and the two espresso machine can’t hurt.

Design Awards:

2010 NARI COTY National Award Commercial Interior

2010 NARI COTY Regional Award Commercial Interior

2009 NARI REMY Commercial/Tenant Finish

New Commercial Tenant Design

A client with a taste for high end contemporary decided to bring that concept to the new store they were remodeling. Starting with a clean slate, we designed and built a reception desk and back drop to divide a warehouse space into an entrance and office cubicles. The divider features a lighting apparatus with an automotive finish. The walls and desk have an espresso stained white oak finish and slump glass. We built perforated metal cylinders with LED lights to display the company colors. The same concept was used in the kitchenette and appointed with state-of-the-art Miele appliances and a plumbed espresso machine.

Design Awards:

2012 NARI REMY BEST OF SHOW Commercial Tenant $150,000 -$250,000

2012 NARI REMY Commercial Tenant Finish over $100,000


Charming Kansas City House Gets Full Remodel

When we buy an older home for its charm and history, it rarely accommodates today’s family lifestyle. Our client fell in love with their new home knowing it needed some serious attention. The kitchen had been remodel by a home flipper with a different mindset than our new home owners. The kitchen space was very small (in comparison to the home) with major traffic problems and a porch that had been cobbled in to attempt to make more space. The ceiling heights were varied with soffits and beams that also had structural problems. They had a large dining room with two small rooms attached and the only way to the kitchen was through the garage entry or walking through the dining room and breakfast room.

The solution to the problems were a bit complex, because of the divided rooms and the low ceiling headers so we upset the main beam dividing the kitchen and the old porch and rebuilt the exterior walls of the porch and raised the existing ceiling/roof to match the kitchen ceiling ht. We removed the wall dividing the breakfast nook and the sitting room to install a row of windows to bring in exterior light and help to make use of the space. We closed off the single door from the dining to the breakfast room and created pocket glass doors to replace the existing French doors. We closed of the doorway to the kitchen and rerouted a new traffic pattern through the old back stair hallway. Finally we created a new wall 15” into the dining room and put openings into the bearing wall to allow for wine glass storage in the new hall, an opening to the dining and an inset hutch to accommodate pantry space for the kitchen.

The overall theme for the space is a traditional look (keeping with the original house) but we wanted to dress it up a bit to support the extensive entertaining that our clients were a custom to. The client liked the entry light fixture that was in the front entry when they bought it. We decided to use it over the custom booth in the breakfast nook area and pull the colors across the room into the tile of the new backsplash. To help accomplish storage and counter top space, we pulled the drawer base cabinets out from the wall, giving the client deeper counter tops and allowing for deep wall cabinets, increasing the more coveted storage space in the kitchen. We under-mounted the wolfrange-top to allow the height of the burner grid to be flush with the countertop. This idea benefits the client in the physical ergonomics as it relates to the under-mount apron sink. We built a custom hood to share the limelight with the tile framed glass backsplash as a focal point for the kitchen and dressed up the dining room with an elegant ceiling design using a combination of carved moldings and light. The clients were amazed at the difference it made by changing the traffic flow.

Design Award:

2012 NARI REMY Kitchen Remodel

Universal Design

Natural light, abundant floor space and an accessible vanity distinguish this universal design bathroom.  This master bathroom was meticulously designed for a paraplegic client and his girlfriend to make them feel at home, yet accommodate medical issues. Understanding the client’s physical capabilities, a 42-inch wide pocket door was designed, allowing it to pocket in 36 inches, leaving a 36-inch clearance and 6 inches to attach a large handle to both sides so the client could push it open and shut.

To accommodate a ceiling track lift system, a ceiling that included the radius features of the rest of the house was designed, concealing the track. The system would lift the client from his bed through the bathroom door, over the tub, the hat box toilet, the new artistic bidet, into the shower, over the wall and into the changing table, and then into his wheelchair.

In order to make this system functional, a Control 4 system was integrated for the client to run all the lights and smart home systems. Sections of the track lift were re engineered by the manufacturer to comply. An elegant looking carefully sculpted water system was integrated into the design to assist the client in his cleansing routines. The shower features a two-drench system with a zero clearance system. A custom stainless steel shower caddie was built to accommodate a curved wall, and a remote-opened shower system was integrated. The client will then finish up his routine in his non-standard ADA vanity. Carefully catering to the client’s specific needs, this sophisticated bathroom is fully functional and elegant.

National Award:

2014 NKBA Universal Design Winner



Being Unique

Being Unique.  Something that is embedded into each and every one of us as we grow; whether it is being told from peers or elders.  Unique can be defined as “being the only one if its kind, without an equal or equivalent.”  Here at Kitchen Design Gallery, we strive to imply the principle of being “unique” into each project.  Designer Shawn McCune devotes a serious and sustained effort into making each and every one of his designs incomparable to the competition. In this post I will provide on-going daily examples of how designer McCune presents different elements that you cannot find elsewhere.



6/12/12 “Two Level Island” –

Featured here is designer McCunes, two level island piece. This creates a defined space for guests and preperation; something many kitchens do not posses.

Kansas City Kitchen Redesign

The client came to us for a consultation on their home. They felt there were multiple issues they were trying to address. The kitchen was their main concern along with updating the interior of the entire main level.

After walking through the space, the first thing we needed to tackle was the traffic pattern from the garage to the kitchen. The door to the garage was in a very congested area, the minute you set foot in the door there was a powder room to the right and the laundry room door to the left and the kitchen had two entrances, one directly in front of the garage door and one off the same hallway leading to the dinning room.  The laundry had been moved prior to this visit, which left a catch all room adjacent to the powder room.  The beginning of the solution was to close off the garage door from the small congested entrance and move it into the catch all ex-laundry space, by doing this, traffic is directed through the unused ex-laundry space to create a drop zone for coats, shoes, cell phones and purses.   We shut off one of the entrances to the kitchen and widened the other, this allowed us to again divert traffic and create an uninterrupted work space for the cook in the kitchen.

The client also felt the space in the house was not proportioned from room to room to maximize today’s progressive lifestyle. The dining room was too small, the living room was too big and the hearth off the kitchen space (which was used the most) was cramped due to the small table in the kitchen.  We decided to make the living/piano room into a very large family style dining room and the old dining room was converted to the piano room.

When planning the kitchen redesign, the hood over the pro cook top was the likely candidate to become the focal point, so we removed the kitchen sink window (since we already had an abundance of natural light) to take advantage on our dominate wall. We then introduced the furniture-like island to harbor the single bowl apron sink, the dishwasher, a prep area and bar seating.  The solution for the table was to integrate it into the island and delete a traffic pattern on one side of the table. The oven cabinet was set into the wall to give it a European feel and pocket doors were added to cover the ovens to conceal them when they were not in use. The pantry and refrigerator were decked out in a distressed armoire furniture look to maintain the euro/country feel and we put the final touches to the space with distressed hand hewn beams, textured glazed walls and a hand painted back-splash with glass accents.


2010 NARI COTY Residential Kitchen $80,001-$120,000

Kitchen Redesign

With five kids and two adults in the home, these clients wanted to transform their existing kitchen into an efficient, functional space with plenty of storage for organization. Although the main focus would be on the kitchen, they also wanted to update the surrounding rooms for a seamless transition from room to room.

The existing kitchen had a non-bearing header that separated the kitchen from the hearth room, essentially creating two separate rooms. A large open area in the center of the kitchen prevented it from being utilized for anything other than a walk-way, making the space virtually unusable. By removing the non-bearing header and adding a grid-like soffit above, we were able to extend the kitchen redesign into the hearth room without diminishing the size of the hearth room. This allowed us to give the space more open feel, since the transition from kitchen to hearth room had no definite separation. We placed a large custom island in the center of the room, creating a centralized prep area with loads of storage below. Fully-integrated appliances allowed us to create a furniture-like, built-in look to the custom cabinetry. Texture, paint and wood floors were added to the adjacent rooms for a beautiful flawless transition.

Design Award:

2008-2009 Subzero Wolf Award Winner Best Kitchen Design


Innovative Kitchen Design

These homeowners came to us because they wanted to renovate the majority their home, but they wanted to focus on the kitchen, dining room and living room areas. Their main concern was accessibility and universal design since they are both retired and have minor health issues. The clients were comforted to see that not only could we explain the different design options available to them, but we also have extensive experience with engineering and producing innovative kitchen design solutions for the aging in place design concept.

The goal was to open up the kitchen, dining room and living room to produce the space needed to reconfigure traffic patterns to ensure flow and accessibility. Both of the homeowners love to cook, so we increased the total countertop workspace and installed fully-integrated, top of the line appliances, which blend in seamlessly with the furniture grade cabinetry. By removing the existing walls that separated the kitchen, dining room and living room, we were able to open up the entire space and create a fully-functional, distinctive space with all of for as long as they own their home.

Design Award:

2009 NARI REMY – Whole House Remodel under $250,000