Inviting Commercial Office And Break Room Design


The client was moving into the office in 2 months and needed a designer and office furniture.

Due to time and budget there wasn’t much wiggle room for creativity. We designed a curved glass wall to carve out the conference room and finished with custom art pieces throughout, as well as accessories. Since the 15’ X 10’ break room had no windows, we removed two walls to open the space up to the adjacent hallways which let in natural light. Given the challenge that the plumbing mechanicals had to remain in the same location and the design had to include the drinking fountains. We created an island and built a post that harbored a purifier, water cooler and both drinking fountains, one for normal height and one ADA compliant. The walk up café features a sculptured apparatus with lighting and an island bar that could be used for lunches, gathering and parties with food. We added two Miele coffee makers, Miele dishwasher, Viking refrigerator, and microwave. The client became the hero for allowing us to put in a state of the art appliances in the employees café.

We may work in a tough industry but there are very few industries that will allow you the opportunity to create and influence people’s lives by what you have done. This commercial office and break room design spices up a drab uninteresting office into a functional and inviting work space.  Having a colorful well designed work place is bound to inspire more productivity form the staff, and the two espresso machine can’t hurt.

Design Awards:

2010 NARI COTY National Award Commercial Interior

2010 NARI COTY Regional Award Commercial Interior

2009 NARI REMY Commercial/Tenant Finish