“Why work with a CKD?”

include info from CKD sheet!


“What gives Kitchen Design Gallery an edge?”

25+ experience, repeat clients, award-winning projects, creative and innovative design, McCune Construction & Design to handle construction side.


“Why remodel your kitchen?”

Increase value of your home, allow you to stay in your home longer by letting you age in place and by better meeting your lifestyle and personal needs.


“What else will you gain from a remodeled kitchen?”

Improve storage and countertop space, save time, enhance family time and entertaining, enjoy cooking home and save money by eating in more simply wanting a new, fancy kitchen/bathroom/room addition/etc. isn’t going to be the motivation. Then, once the need is established, we can tell them how you can work your magic.


‘Spiffing things up’ vs. achieving a fully functional kitchen.”

There is much more to a kitchen remodeling project than re-staining or re-facing cabinets and updating the countertops and backsplash. In fact, any time one kitchen component is being changed (say, you want to install granite countertops), this inevitably affects many other design components. That is why this is a good time to consider what really works and does not in the current kitchen and adjoining spaces and examine how these spaces can be improved.
In fact, when our clients come in looking to update their kitchens by simply updating some of the finishes and appliances, we advise them that oftentimes they will spend a considerable amount of money without addressing the real issues in the space.


“When does a kitchen become outdated?”

Current knowledgebase on kitchens and bathrooms and how we use them, and how they can reflect our lifestyle and fairly new. If you have 10+ home, it is probably outdated, and not just in terms of the finishes that were used but in terms of kitchen layout and cabinetry configuration.


“What prevents a kitchen from reaching its full potential?”

Architect layouts and builder-grade finishes, older home that often has a very small space allocated to the kitchen, poor traffic patterns and connectivity with the rest of the home and outdoor spaces.


Does your current kitchen allow you to do perform all of your activities comfortably?
Do you have enough storage and countertop space?
Can you reach easily everything you need?
Do you spend a lot of time looking for things?
Do you have to cross long distances moving from the refrigerator to the sink and to the cooking surface?
Can everyone in your family use your kitchen comfortably? Can your kids or grandkids get their own snack and not leave a disaster behind?
Will you be able to use your kitchen comfortably several years down the road?
Are you proud of your kitchen or do you hope that guests will not get too close to it during those last few minutes before serving a meal?
If the kitchen is the heart of your home, how is the health of your kitchen?

Imagine a kitchen that allows you to have all that and reflects your personal style.

‘Efficient and beautiful kitchens do not just happen – they are designed’ (Shawn McCune, CKD, Certified Kitchen Designer). Many kitchens suffer from layout issues: improper placement of appliances, uncomfortable height of fixtures, kitchen too small or disconnected from the rest of home, etc. Couple than with dated fixtures and finishes and instead of having a kitchen that is a place where everyone loves to be, it becomes a problem space that is hard to use and enjoy. Clutter, personal discomfort and increased effort, and dead space waste valuable time and cause frustration. Kitchen Design Gallery will help you create your perfect kitchen.