Kitchen Redesign


With five kids and two adults in the home, these clients wanted to transform their existing kitchen into an efficient, functional space with plenty of storage for organization. Although the main focus would be on the kitchen, they also wanted to update the surrounding rooms for a seamless transition from room to room.

The existing kitchen had a non-bearing header that separated the kitchen from the hearth room, essentially creating two separate rooms. A large open area in the center of the kitchen prevented it from being utilized for anything other than a walk-way, making the space virtually unusable. By removing the non-bearing header and adding a grid-like soffit above, we were able to extend the kitchen redesign into the hearth room without diminishing the size of the hearth room. This allowed us to give the space more open feel, since the transition from kitchen to hearth room had no definite separation. We placed a large custom island in the center of the room, creating a centralized prep area with loads of storage below. Fully-integrated appliances allowed us to create a furniture-like, built-in look to the custom cabinetry. Texture, paint and wood floors were added to the adjacent rooms for a beautiful flawless transition.

Design Award:

2008-2009 Subzero Wolf Award Winner Best Kitchen Design